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Dhaka Final

Founded in the 4th century, Dhaka first received principal status in 1610, when the Mughals transferred the capital from Rajmahal to Dhaka, and renamed it Jahangirnagar. During the Mughal period, Dhaka became the chief commercial emporium. The Mughals built mosques, palaces, caravanserais (accommodation for camel caravans), bazaars and gardens.

However Dhaka is located on the bank of river Biriganga with its tradition and modern buildings. Our trip motto is to go inside the history of Dhaka. Trip details as under :

Trip Duration : From 8.30 a.m-5.00 p.m

:: What to see ::

Dhakessari Temple, Hindu street, Shakhari Bazar, Sadarghat River Terminal, Buriganga River, Ruplal House, Ship repairing yard, Ahsan Monjil (Pink Palace), Armenian Church, Lalbag Fort, Star Mosque and some more parts of Old Dhaka. 

Means of Transports : Car, Cycle Rickshaw, Boat and Walking.

                                                                            : Price Structure  :

Single Pax                    2 Pax                               3 Pax                                  4 Pax n above

USD 90                     USD 60 p.p                 USD 45 p.p                    USD 35 p.p

Including : Hotel Pick up/Drop, English speaking guide, Transport, Entrance fees, Lunch in a restaurant in Old Dhaka with local food, 1 Bottle Mineral water.

Excluding : Any hard drinks or any other personal stuffs.

For booking and any inquiry, mail us : trip2bangla@gmail.com


Dhamrai Brass Metal Works



Dhamrai is famous for Brass Metal Work industry. For generations, Bangladeshi craftsmen have been making beautiful metal objects using a variety of different techniques. These metal objects, ranging from everyday use items like culinary to religious idols of both Buddhism and Hinduism, are not only unique artworks, but also represents the tradition of centuries of craftsmanship practised in certain part of the country among certain communities.

We will visit one of the biggest Brass Craft factory run by Sunkanto Banik. This is his family business sinec last 300 years. We will go inside the factory and try to know how such beautiful objects are made without using modern technology.

After visiting this shop, will head to Baliati Zamindar Palace around 15 Kilometer from Dhamrai. A Zamindar on the Indian subcontinent was an aristocrat , typically hereditary , who held enormous tracts of land and held control over the peasants, from whom the Zamindars reserved the right to collect tax (often for military purposes). Since 1950, there is no  Zamindary system but still there are many Zamindar Palaces in all around Bangladesh.

Itinerary : Start from Hotel at 8 am and head to Dhamrai. Reaching around 10 am, visit the Brass Metal Craft industry (Sunkantao Baniks home). At 1 p.m start journey to Baliating. Visit that place and start journey to Dhaka around 4 p.m and reach 6.30 p.m

Means of Transports : AC Sedan Car,  Walking

                                                            : Price Structure  :

Single Pax                    2 Pax                               3 Pax                                  4 Pax n above

USD 100                     USD 65 p.p                 USD 50 p.p                  USD 40 p.p

Including : Hotel Pick up/Drop, Ac con transport, English speaking guide, all kind of transports, entrance fees, Lunch in a local restaurant (Very Basic food)

Excluding : Tip, hard drinks or any other persona stuffs.

For booking and any inquiry, mail us : trip2bangla@gmail.com


By Sami Vai



Sonargaon was the administrative center of medieval Muslim rulars of East Bengal. It became as the capital of Bengal during Isa Khan’s ruling. During that time many buildings were constructed in Panam City which are the main attraction of this area. The are located under present-day Narayongonj district , around 30 Kilometers from Dhaka.  The mighty river Meghna is flowing by the side of Sonargaon Panam city.

Our day long tour is designed to see this ancient capital as well as folk and and center of Bangladesh. We also arrange to visit a bamboo made unique school for under privileged students.  A boat ride in the river Meghna also included in the tour.

Trip Duration : From 8.00 a.m-6.00 p.m

:: Trip in brief ::

At 8.00 am our guide will pick you up from the hotel and immediately start journey to Sonargaon. Then visit Goaldi Mosque build in 1519,  then visit Bangladesh Folk and Art center. After that will visit the Panam City (Panam Nagar) . In this abandoned city there are around 50 nicely decorated building those were constructed end of 18 th century.

After taking lunch in a local restaurant, will visit a nicely designed bamboo made schools. This  school achieved international award for its unique design and made of under prevailed children.

In the early afternoon, will take boat ride in the river Meghna and visit some river Islands.

At 5 p.m start journey to Dhaka.  

Means of Transports : , Sedan Car, Cycle Rickshaw, Tooktook  and Walking.


                                                                        : Price Structure  :

Single Pax                    2 Pax                               3 Pax                                  4 Pax n above

USD 100                     USD 65 p.p                 USD 50 p.p                  USD 40 p.p

Including : Hotel Pick up/Drop, English speaking guide, ac transports, entrance fees, Lunch in a local restaurants, Boat ride.

Excluding : Any hard drinks or any other personal stuffs.



Barisal an old port on the Kirtonkhola in Bangladesh. There is a proverb Paddy-canal-rivers these three make Barisal.  This is true. There are many rivers and canals crisscrossing  Barisal. Barisal is also one of the best rice producing districts of Bangladesh.

So we have taken the opportunity to get the taste of real Bangladesh and who does not know Barisal is the perfect place for that?

Why Barisal ? : One of our valued guest replied this :  The short answer about Barisal is that it’s the major city of (and a good jumping off point for) the largest delta in the world. So it’s all about boats and boat gear, river channels, islands, ferry trips, private boat trips, small villages, cottage industries, rice plantations, logging and sawmill operations, and verdant fertile farm land. In some ways, it’s kind of reminiscent of the backwaters of Kerala, only not as hot.

The Barisal portion of our trip was essentially the 4N 3D tour called “Village Home Stay & Backwater Tour” on Mahmud’s web site. Since we like boat trips, small villages, and home stays, it was perfect for us. In fact, it was probably the most enjoyable part of our two weeks.

The trip details as under :

Trip Duration :  4 Nights, 3 Days

::Trip Highlights::

– Take whole night ferry journey
– Take half day backwater cruise by a small country boat which will help to see river beauty
– Travel extensively in a rural village of Barisal,
– Stay with a local villagers family to get family experience.
– Visit the biggest floating market.
– Explore the old part of the city.

:: Itinerary ::


Our guide will pick up you from Hotel and help to board the ferry/Rocket. You will keep your staffs inside the sleeping cabin and come outside to the see the beauty. Ferry/Rocket will leave Dhaka  6.30 p.m. You will stay Ferry cabin overnight.

: Day 1 :

The ferry/Rocket will reach at 6 am in the morning. Our guide will pick up you from Ferry and immediately transferred to the Hotel. Take rest 1-2 hours. Then will go out to see the city. Will visit Church, the busy local bazaars, river ports.

At 11 am, will take public ferry to Bhola. The ferry will go through small and big rivers and you will enjoy the riverside beauty seating on Ferry roof. After 2.5 hours, reach to Bhola. Walk around that area and come back same way.

Evening, return to Barisal and stay over night.

: Day 2 :

Early morning guide will come and pick up you to start backwater and village trip. At first will go to Banaripara and ride small country boat. The boat will start running though tiny canals. You will see the village beauty of both sides of the canals. Will viist some floating markets and get off some small locality to meet the people.

In the early afternoon, will head to a village. Some vaillage activities. Stay with a local family.

: Day 3 :

Early in the morning will try to visit a school (If open) to meet students. Then visit Pottery home, paddy field, battle leaf garden and many more village activities.

At 4 p.m : Head to Barisal to take the Ferry to Dhaka. Stay Ferry over night.

: Day 4 :

Early morning (6 am) ferry will reach Dhaka Sadarghat and end the tour.

 Means of Transports we will use : Tooktook, Ferry/Rocket, Cycle Rickshaw, Boat and Walking

                                                            : Price Structure  :

Single Pax                    2 Pax                               3 Pax                                  4 Pax n above

USD 280                   USD 180 p.p              USD 150 p.p                  USD 125 p.p


: Including :

– English speaking guide
– All Meals from D 1 to D 3 Lunch
– Hotel Pick up
– Dhaka/Barisal/Dhaka journey by ferry/Rocket (Night journey in sleeping cabin/Twin share)
– All kinds of local transports
– 1 Night stay in Barisal (Hotel Athena)
– 1 Night stay in a village home (Basic facility)
– Tour as per itinerary.

Excluding :  Ti,  hard drinks or any other personal stuffs.

For booking and any inquiry, mail us : trip2bangla@gmail.com

Please click this video of this tour :


The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha), lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is adjacent to the border of India’s Sundarbans World Heritage site inscribed in 1987. The site is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests, and presents an excellent example of ongoing ecological processes.

The area is known for its wide range of fauna, including 260 bird species, the Bengal tiger and other threatened species such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python.

We arrange private tour (10-20 persons) with our boat. Our experienced guide will show you the beauty of Sundarbans and we are sure we will return with lifetime experience.

This is a unique experience to be witness of such dangerous job with secure environment. We give the opportunity  to do this. Details as under :


To enjoy your Sundarbans, we arranged a tour to Sundarbans almsot every week.  We also arrange small group tours in private boat. Details as under.

–  Day 1 :  Early morning reach ride on boat from Mongla/Khulna. Boat will start journey immediately. Take break fast and see the riverside beauty. In the afternoon will reach Kotka area and track jungle. Stay boat over night.

– Day 2 : Forest activities, Beach travel.

– Day 3 : Start journey to Harbaria and Visit that place. Then head to Koromjol National Park. At early afternoon will start joourney to Mongla and reach around 4 p.m. End of tour.

Our next scheduled trip is as under :


Our Boat :



Tangua ws

Tangua & Hakaluki Haor (Wetland) Tour

Tanguar haor  (Wetland),  a unique wetland ecosystem of national importance and has come into international focus. The area of Tanguar haor including 46 villages within the haor is about 100km2 of which 2,802.36 ha2 is wetland. The Government of Bangladesh declared Tanguar haor as an Ecologically Critical Area in 1999.

Tanguar haor plays an important role in fish production as it functions as a ‘mother fishery’ for the country.  Every winter the haor is home to about 200 types of migratory birds. The haor is an important source of fish. There are more than 140 species of fresh water fish in the haor. Hijal, karach, gulli, balua, ban tulsi, nalkhagra and other freshwater wetland trees are in this haor.

On the other hand, Hakaluki Haor is one of the Bangladesh’s largest and one of Asia’s larger wetland resource. It is the home of numerous animals, fishes and birds and a large variety of flora and fauna. Fishes of 107 species were available in the haor. There are different kind of rare plants, animals, birds you will find here. It is famous for a wide variety of waterfowl as well as wintering migratory birds so it is a good place for bird lovers and photographers. In rainy season it takes youthful and significance looks like as infinite water kingdom.

We offer a tour touching both the Haors. Please go through the itinerary and confirm :

Trip Duration : 2 Nights, 2 Days

:: Itinerary ::


Take the bus to Sunamgonj at 9 p.m

: Day 1 :

Reach Sunamgonj  early Morning. Check in Hotel. After breakfast, will start journey by Motorbike to Tahirpur, 30 Kilometers from Sunamgonj. Reaching Tahirpur, will ride on a boat and then start floating on the Haor. We will roam the big part of wetland and afternoon return to Tahirpur then Sunamgonj.

In the evening, will head to Sylhet and stay overnight in Sylhet.

: Day 2 :

Early morning take tooktook to Maijghaon and from that place will ride the boat to Hakaluki. We will travel several hours on the water of Hakaluki.

At 10 P.M, will take the bus/train to Dhaka and reach next morning

:: Price ::

USD 300 Per person (Single PAX),
USD 180 Per person (2 PAX),
USD 150 Per person (3 PAX)

: Including :

– Full time English speaking guide
– Hotel Pick up/Drop
– Dhaka/Sunamgonj/Dhaka journey by non air con bus
– Tangua and Hakaluki trip by reserved boat
– 2 Nights stay in Sylhet (Air con room)
– Tour as per itinerary.
– All Meals in local restaurants (Local food)

Excluding :

-Anything that did not mention above.

For booking and any inquiry, mail us : trip2bangla@gmail.com