Chittagong ship breaking yard

Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard, located in Bangladesh, is world’s largest ship breaking area. The ship breaking takes place in the Fauzdarhat area along the 18 kilometers Sitakunda coastal strip, 20 kilometers north-west of Chittagong. It is the world’s largest ship-breaking industry, employs over 200,000 Bangladeshis and accounts for half of all the steel in Bangladesh.

The place is considered as one of the most photogenic places of Bangladesh. Many tours show interest to visit ship breaking yard. But due to some indents earlier, the owners don’t allow to visit inside ship breaking yard. We try our best to visit ship breaking yards and take some photos of the ships.

We start the tour early in the morning from Chittagong city then visit ship breaking yards. After that visit some Marine shops located near the ship breaking yards where all used ship accessories are sold. You can buy a ship bell, a search light or a small souvenir.

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