Visit to Monpura Island

Monpura is a river Island located in the Souther part of Bangladesh under Bhola district. The Island area is 373.19 km2 with around 50,000 Population. This area is totally off the beaten track for the travelers but full of beauty. So, who loves to explore the secrets of any place, can visit Monpura Island. I recently visited the Island. I took the ferry to Hatia in the evening from Sadarghat River station. The ferry started 5.30 a.m & after running whole night it reached Monpura at 7 a.m next day.  I got off from the ferry and walked around. After some time, I hired a Motorbike with driver and traveled some parts of the Island. Please look at the island with the eye of my camera.”>

How to go : Everyday a Lonch (Engine boat) goes to Hatia (Nama Tipu-4/Panama at 5.30 p.m from Sadarghat Boat terminal) . On the way, it stops at Monpura next morning at 7 am. After visiting Monpura, you can take the boat next morning to Hatia to visit Nijhum Dwip, the Island of Deer.

What to see : Nothing, but everything. You can explore whole Island with the help of any Motorcycle drver or can use public transport Like  Tooktook. You can visit the forest, go the side of the river, can ride a fisherman boat and fish whole day in the river. Where to Stay : There are some budget hotels in Monpura within the range of Taka 100-250 (Name : Dwip Hotel, Press Club Guest House)